Meet Roger Silvi

Roger Silvi was born to make music and sing to the crowds. Coming from a strong musical family, he has been entertaining audiences his entire life. He honed his musical skills growing up in the rich music environment of a city that put its style of music on the international map – Detroit. That foundation grew into his good fortune of performing with some of the biggest names in Detroit. Silvi gives a great performance in different musical settings, but his passion will always be live, solo guitar playing and singing. “When I’m playing by myself for a live audience, the human interaction and close connection energizes me like nothing else. The audience can feel that.”

His goal is simple: pleasing the audience with a variety of songs ranging from classic rock and popular standards to acoustic songs and ballads. “I’m on target with an audience when I see them singing along with me. It’s more fun for everyone that way.”

Although Roger performs other artist’s material, each performance also includes some of his original compositions. Silvi’s songwriting emphasizes stories that everyone can relate to. His songs are inspired life experiences, personal relationships, and people and places that have made an impression on him. “Audiences appreciate listening to a songwriter perform their own songs. I know I’ve made an impact when they request my songs after they’ve heard them a time or two.”

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Anywhere people are gathered for fun and relaxation
is the perfect venue for Silvi’s music.